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Welcome to Adaptive Engineering Inc.

Wheelchair Lifts

This is the official web page of Adaptive Engineering Inc., a professional engineering company that designs and manufactures wheelchair lifts. Our specialty is designing and manufacturing products that are easy to use, reliable and affordable.

We are a leading provider of handicapped access products with hundreds in use world wide - from Alaska to Puerto Rico to Great Britain. Our satisfied customers range in size from giant companies like AMTRAK and major airlines like United Airlines to local facilities like neighborhood schools, churches and community centers who need accessibility, as well as homeowners who need access to their homes. Large clients or small, indoors or outdoors, commercial or residential, our products have a solid reputation for being easy to use, reliable and affordable.

Environmentally Friendly Operation

The Mobilift CX is designed to provide access to a variety of situations quickly and economically. Portable units are the ideal solution for buildings where permanent structural modifications such as adding a ramp or installing an elevator are impossible, impractical, too expensive or prohibited for historic preservation reasons.

The “CX” is manually powered so it is an envirnomentally friendly solution that requires no motor or power.

ADA Compliant Wheelchair Lifts for Trains

Adaptive Engineering Inc. also produces an accessibility product for railroads and trains the – Mobilift TX. The “TX” is a portable wheelchair lift that is fully ADA compliant. It is a manually powered unit that requires no installation, site renovation or wiring. It is the ideal solution to provide wheelchair access to railway operations and museums. The “TX” provides years of reliable, safe operation with minimal maintenance, allowing our customers to provide safe and dignified access to their customers.

Handicapped Access for Boat Passengers

Adaptive Engineering Inc. manufactures the Mobilift VX that is designed to provide wheelchair access to boats. The “VX” is a manually powered, portable wheelchair access device that is fully ADA compliant.

The “VX” is designed to be a commercial lift for use in marine settings. The units are constructed of lightweight, corrosion resistant aluminum. The light weight feature allows ease of mobility in the dock area. The corrosion resistant properties of aluminum ensure that the “VX” will be safe to use and will retain a good looking appearance, without the problems associated with rust. The “VX” is currently being reliably used in a variety of tour boats, historic boats and ferry vessel applications. The “VX” will be compliant with new proposed ADA regulations governing wheelchair access for boats.  

FAA Approved Lifts for Aircraft

Adaptive is a manufacturer and designer of handicapped accessibility products for aircraft. Our Mobilift AX lift series can be found at almost every major airport in North America.

The “AX” is a portable unit that provides ADA compliant access to regional jet, turboprop and narrow body aircraft. It is manually powered, so there is never a need to find a power source to recharge batteries, nor are there maintenance issues related to gas, diesel or electric motors. The units require almost no maintenance and are easily and safely operated by one individual. “AX” also complies with the wind load requirements of the FAA ARP regulations. Like all of our products, the “AX” is designed provide long term, safe and affordable access to our customers’ operations.


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