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Wheelchair lifts for a wide variety of applications.
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Case Study - Accessing elevated platforms in a church using a portable wheelchair lift.

Wheelchair Lifts for Churches

Bradley Hills Presbyterian Church was looking for a wheelchair lift to use in their old historic church. The entire building was built of granite and the only access to the sanctuary was up three steps.

They also did not want to have anything permanently installed at the front of the church such as a wheelchair ramps system or costly elevators. The Pastor also wanted a wheelchair lift that was not only easy to move around, but also quiet and unobtrusive.

Project Constraints
• The lift would somehow have to get the person in the wheelchair over the church's three stairs.
• The lift needed to be easily moved from storage and back over the granite floors.
• The lift would have to be quiet, and very reliable.
• The lift had to blend in with the church's natural surroundings.

The Solution
Adaptive provided a manually powered Mobilift CX portable wheelchair lift with a 30” bridge ramp, a sound deadening kit, and a complete powder coat finish on all surfaces of the lift.

The Outcome
With the standard wheels and casters that come on the CX, the lift was very easy to move from storage to the church sanctuary. The longer ramp allowed the wheelchair to bridge the stairs and safely move onto the upper level. It rolled quietly on it's rubber wheels, and the sound deadening kit eliminated any of the minor noises involved with moving the lift. The custom powder coat color that was chosen blended beautifully with the surroundings.


Wheelchair lift providing handicapped access to a church.
Easy to move around, quiet and can be custom-painted to blend in with surroundings
Mobilift CX - wheelchair lift for churches - product details.
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